Wednesday, October 31, 2007

in the midst of this exam.
i'm thinking about the Penang and Langkawi trip with Monash Business Club
i'm also thinking about how tight i'll be by the time i visit Singapore with my VU friends
i'm also hoping that i'll be refreshed and blessed during the upcoming CF Committee retreat
ow, not to mention to spend some quality time with my family during the Bangkok trip

erm, that's what i'll be doing during the long break.
will be a bummer for 1 last year.

2 more papers left, i shall get back with my revision.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

alot has been going on.
too much for me to handle, to be honest.
never really thought about all of it thoroughly until now,
thus the sudden realization of what I've just got myself into.

well, I've just accepted the position of Clubs and Societies representative for Monash Christian Fellowship next year. I feel honored to have this opportunity to serve as a committee in the CF buy yet feel stretched at the same time for the new responsibilities and commitments i will hold.
i do look forward for next year, it'll be new season for me to grow as a Christian.

Besides being the next CF CnS officer, i am also the next Funding Director for LEO club Monash.
as if that wasn't enough madness, i have just been voted as the next Monash Clubs and societies Division's secretary. that's right, secretary of all positions. This might look good in my job resume some day. But with all the obligations... i feel bumped out at the moment.

it's not that big of a deal whether i'll be able to cope with studies, church and now these 'extras'. the thing on my mind now is whether there's any significance in all theses 'events' or worst still, the possibility of this being purposeless in taking these steps of faith and it was all meant for nothing.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007
exams period.

Lord have mercy on all of us.

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Thursday, October 04, 2007
self [updated]

it's been awhile since i posted. well, one of the reason was the MUSA election.

i'm involved and yea...was pretty busy with the campaigning

if i am not careful with what i say here, the stuff i posted could be used against me.

don't ask me, that's just reality and it's Monash nature.

i just received an email from Monash, advicing student not to bad mouth about Monash and its lecturers and what not ...

'image and status' issues i presume.

my initial responce was "this must be a joke?" (in simple and non vulgar terms),

but peace is good too. who am i to rebel against them eh?

Monash the best. woohooooo!
(ikut aje people! suck up, kiss ass, whatever you call it...we want peace people!)

(change of topic)
Christian Fellowship blew me away this week. Sivin Kit (reverend of Bangsar Lutheran Church) came and spoke about POSTMODERNISM and POSTMODERNITY. it was a session that just opened my eyes and expanded my perception. more than one's mind could absorb, deep stuff indeed! will read up on it more lar (if i have the time), it's pretty interesting.

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