Wednesday, February 27, 2008

okay, better start updating from now on... if not i'll just leave it be...
coz most of my blog readers are pretty secretive about whether they read my blog or not./

hopefully i don't compromise or keep stuff to myself just because some of my church leaders may also read my posts ... even the ones that i slammed them.

well, being a member of City Harvest Church hasn't been easy.
far too many criticism from Christians... way beyond my control and far from what i can handle.

but i have made my decision to stay faithful, one again.

however, recently heard a song by Casting Crowns' what the world needs...
and one part it talks about us; Christian being no different from the non believers and we forget that the it is that DIFFERENCE that sets them free. so yea, however relevant the church expects us to be... we must know God first, know His plans. no point knowing and being SO "In the world" and try to fit God into the picture.

need a new bible. mine's all torn. shall update soon.
as for now, new semester has begun. its gonna be great.

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Sunday, February 24, 2008
day before semester start

hm, its been 2 weeks since i came back from Tawau and post something here,
well... how do i even begin.

i've been catching up with some friends that came back from Melb and left again as well as those who just left (ie: movies, meals and over msn- bah);
as the secretary of the CnS division, i've been busy with some CnS matters especially the upcoming Clubs and Societies Week in campus;
i've been involved with Monash's orientation Buddy program (best experience ever)...
and yea, its been an eventful 2 weeks so far.

not sure what to blog... the connection hasn't been great. but ya, as long as you guys know that i'm still alive :)

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Saturday, February 09, 2008
opportunity cost

the cost of forgoing the next best alternative...
tonight cost me, big time.

today was supposed to be THE day for me to actually want to be back in Tawau.
if there was no other reasons for me to come back to Sabah, this alone should be worth it.
Angela's open house during CNY, it's an "event" for me. an expected gathering, sort of.

so yea, made no other plans but to visit her place, chill and hopefully get to catch up with her.
some friends of mine decided to crash at her place earlier than planned to give her a surprise...
i thought it was a perfect idea as it would definitely be impossible to chat with her when/if the crowd starts to pour in. having said that, i'm not too fond of "some" of the crowd...people that i try to avoid if ever possible.

hence, i decided that spending a few hours with Angela would suffice and could probably join my brother and his friends for a show.

plans didn't go as i expected. apparently the "surprise" was called off. the last minute change of plans was that me and my friends will visit 2 other friend's place before going to angela's house.
i skipped the 2nd house but still only managed to chat with her for a few moments and went to watch the movie.

yes, it was a good show. yes, i didn't encounter whoever i didn't want to encounter...
but No, i know Angela deserves better. and i would rather spend quality time and catch up with her anytime. so i feel bad as i'm not going to meet up with her anytime soon.

coming back to Tawau this time around has been great. its not very me to actually enjoy my stay but damn, i'll miss the food and my friends.

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008
eventful new year's eve

home sweet home...
just arrived Tawau not too long ago, smooth flight indeed.

dinner was awesome despite the small reunion of just us 5.
we had salad prawn, hakka yam and pork, herbal chicken, roasted duck and vege. good stuff...

after dinner, we hung around the living room.
and all of a sudden... THIS happened.

Dad just got off the phone with my grandmother,
he passes the phone to my sis to speak with her while i wait for my turn by watching tv.

my dad shouted out "Fire!"
my sis echoed "Fire?"... my grandmother on the other side of the line asked " Fire!?"
my dad then told us that "Look! some House is on fire"..
he then pushed the tinted doors wide open as we rushed out to our apartment's balcony.
we saw huge fires and large smokes, heard the siren of the fire trucks and literally witnessed a house burnt down.

the irony! if this was caused by fireworks. its a pretty sad sight lar, i really hope that no one was hurt. havin' said that, i still have to wish everyone a happy chinese new year.

cheers to love, joy and great health and wealth.

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