Friday, June 13, 2008
petty matters

a note was left on my car.
it said " can pack your car behind abit? "

i returned the favor by leaving another note at the person's car saying
"its spelled park, dumb Fu.."

Fine, i did not leave that note.
but the note i got from my car affected my mood.
something so petty! and i park in my own place! and its spelled park! retard!

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Thursday, June 05, 2008
Story of my life

the responsibilities and the people i surround myself with. most of the time.

LEO Club
Christian Fellowship
CF Committees and Advisors
Clubs & Societies Division Committee
Cell Group
My Family

and ow... University.. oops. lol

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Monday, June 02, 2008

the month My sister was born,
the month we celebrate the existence of our dads,
the month i experienced my first car accident. last year's fathers day; to be exact.

This year, June has started off with a familiar tone ...
I was studying at McDonalds Drive through at SS15 last night, we (some uni mates) decided to stop at approximately 4.30am and head to bed. Guess what, i found my car window shattered and broke into; with only my gym bag missing.

it wasn't worth it. the gym bag had nothing but some dirty clothes and some unimportant stuff with the exception of my new addidas deodorant. dang it. But yeah,

i find my self really calm. it was as if i had no strength left in me to express my disbelief and frustration at that point of time. I believe it was truly the God given peace in my heart and trust in God that left me unaffected after the incident.

Vacuumed my car this morning and brought my car to Perodua Service Centre . I consider it as settled. its a small loss on my part. but a big improvement in my attitude of taking constant shit in my life. A few years in KL, i know people... and i know people that i can trust and are willing to help. So yea, no worries.

Compared to last year's accident,
this happened after Church Service, there was no minors in my car, there was no arguments involved, there was no police report needed and it definitely cost a lot lesser. So ya, Thank God for that.

On 12:24 AM, Victor let go.
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