Friday, September 26, 2008

i might be in love.
but then again, it might just be an idea,
a bloody good idea of being in love and having someone to love.

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Deepy: ow Man! i only got 7!
Me: huh, what?
VIvek: Treasury Management test result is out! outside Lecturer's room. I got 8 only...
Me: ow, out of 15? i hope i get more than 10, i have a good feeling about this test. i'm certain of it.

Outside Lecturer's office,
i was looking for my student id number among everyone's result in the database spreadsheet.
i found my student id, then i saw 6! this ... i wasn't prepared for. sigh
this is not new either. this sucks.

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being 21

its my 21st birthday just yesterday.
an eventful day indeed.
it wouldn't be fitting for me to describe how it feels like being 21 at this moment of time as i havent really experience the difference yet.

what i can say though, is...
i had a minor accident on my way to church yesterday.
yep, thats right. a flippin accident on my birthday. i'm not gonna spare the details as this has burdened me and i shall not make you guys too worried about me.
so to keep things simple, the accident involved me, a female motorcyclist, kids in my car, a huge bang, a post-accident X ray check up, a possible police report, and the actual Settlement of the whole drama which has yet to happen.

so yah. Happy Effin Birthday to Me. cheers.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

its a thursday again. just like any other. i find myself in my own space, something i've forgotten to enjoy recently.

my final exams will start at the end of Oct.
for the first time in my life, i actually fear failing.
non of that dare to fail attitude no more.

i plan to work- something i have neglected the past few years- before i graduate next mid-year.
an internship that would keep me occupied till march 09'.
However, big firms have this minimum requirement of 2nd upper results to have you in for an interview or to be accepted into their internship programs.

2nd upper is equivalent to an approximation of an average results of Distinction. mine barely touches average credit. i have less than a year to compensate for my past failures.

on a lighter note, i'm turning 21 in 2 days. no biggie. done all that it is to do when you turn 21 already...almost

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Thursday, September 11, 2008
show some love 2

i wrote a post on a certain Bangladeshi girl in my uni about a year ago.
her performance blew me did her smile.

one year later, she still performs in my university- occasionally when there's events.
I've revealed myself to her being one of her biggest fans, she was flattered- i blushed.
and bam, we're friends now...though i doubt she knows my name. haha..
but yea, the smile i get when i walk pass her makes the world seem like a better place. jokes.

her name's Palki. her version of cranberries' animal instinct remixed with her Bangladeshi song still melts my heart. i wished i had a video of that performance. however, what i do have is a picture taken with her at my uni's recent ball :)

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

i hate thursdays.

monday ends with me hanging out with Angie, Yung Lin and Lina having the usual study group where i don't mind being left out as the only business student as the company matters more.

tuesday ends with me having dinner with my LEO Club members after either LEO Club general meeting or Board of Directors meeting.

wednesday ends with me having dinner with my Christian Fellowship members after our weekly gathering.

Friday ends with me having supper with my Cell Group members after CG.

thursdays, i'm free...and alone, sigh

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