Wednesday, April 25, 2007
show some love

today while i was on my way to the library, i stopped by the ATM to withdraw some money.
the ATM is located at the corner of my university's cafeteria.

the cafeteria was extremely packed and loud as the Monash University International Students Society had some elections going on. it was between two groups...'world' vs 'synergy'.

the 'world' group was having their performance first, so i went there without any hesitations. i stood out as one of the few malaysian crowd surrounded by a pool of international students.

there was this Bangladeshi -bollywood star lookalike- chic who performed with a guitar.
i thought it was pretty mind blowing. no one would have figured there was such a powerful voice underneath that sweet sweet smile of hers.

i've always been a sucker for bollywood stars look-a-likes. it a matter of taste which i still can't figure out. ANyways... the performance was great. but what impressed me more is the support she had from her committee members. they were cheering her name, singing along, giving her a standing ovations as well as giving her hugS (lots of em) after the performance. and that was in the cafeteria itself!

such love... such enthuasiasm...such a passionate bunch. i don't mind having such a crowd in my life...again. "companions"... those who are laid back, accepting, easy going, open minded, down to earth...such joy to hang out with. but they'rel only fit to be great company...nothing more :(

On 3:26 AM, Victor let go.