Tuesday, January 31, 2006
Chinese New Year Dinner

it was the 2nd day of the CNY. i had a memorable 'company/ family' dinner in Batu Pahat.

after my big family (+ relatives) 'LO SHANG'... the serving / not to mention EATING 'halted'

it was as if the dish (raw salmon )was the appetizer, main course and desert.

this was a pretty serious matter. its the YU family we're talking about!

my aunty irene (the person who ordered the food) complained abit...

nothing happened. - no food for another 45 mins -
a rude waitress came to my table and asked for the menu (apparently there was a mix up for my table's menu and nothing was furthered prepared)...

aunt Irene then asked for the manager... (not accepting any appologies only trying to hurry the food and to please my big hungry family)

5 more minutes of wait...
and then>>>
Aunty Judy stood up (she's the fiercest woman i know that takes no crap from anyone)

well, my cousins (ALL of them) were pretty excited of what the workers were gonna get. if any workers get sacked after the affects of my aunt judy's complain , it will not be surprising.
Our hunger spared no mercy to any of their sour face/ rude looking workers.

after an hour of waiting... the food finally came...
uncle Robert (a man with quite a sense of humour) asked the whole family to give the workers a big clap. so we did. the next table supported us with their claps too. it was really 'entertaining!'..

some poor waiter fall a few plates after a minute or so and got a round of applause by another table in the restaurant. -how influencial my family is- lol

overall. the dinner was good. a memorable one at least.

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

some bloody taxi driver ruined my day.
he was too friendly; too honest; too touchy?!

i entered the cab with my 'freshly cooked RAMLI burger'...

me : lagoon perdana?
driver : ok...
me: ...(entered the taxi)
driver : RAMLI BURGER?! ( he said it really loud)
me:... ya
driver : (in mandarin).. what meat? how much?
me : beef, around 3
driver : oh, not bad... you so big size, eat 1 small burger enough ah?
me : enough lah.
driver : oh... how old are u ... how much you weigh..
me : give answers
driver : wah... not enough exercise ah (then he poked my tighs with his finger)
me : (thoughts: dang! what the fuck dude?! ) ... got ah.
driver : eat less, you can lose weight very easily.
me : ( thoughts : fucking uncle... can not drive without talking meh?! ) oh...
driver : (reached my appartment) okay lah. i count you RM3.
me : thank you ... {whispers : asshole}

i know.. my blog is somewhat my diary/ life being an overweight kid... but i believe 'everything happens for a reason'... ahahaha! so yea. there you go ; that's explain the title of my blog .

anyways, CNY is coming... not much i can do to control my intake of extra junk.
so how?! i just have to love myself the way i am for a little longer.. lol

FINE! something less depressing... i went City Harvest Church today. it was really happening...
i met many new people, mostly younger than me. and... my parents will be reaching in another 3 hours. so ... 2 thumbs up! {hint... i am excited to get my red packets.. haha}

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

tuesday; yesterday... i was on a mission...it was called mission 'ain't dissapointing myself' .
you see... i was suppose to meet up some friends in the afternoon but they couldn't make it.
so being the usual me (not happy with people's indecisiveness, irresponsibilities, unpunctuality) ...
i decided to have some 'me time'... it's been quite a while since i spent quality time with myself and hell~ what better time to have it when most my friends had just dissapoint me.

so... i haven't watch King Kong (the only thing left unchecked in my 2005 to do list).
and i had a choice between 1 U or Mid Valley... i chose mid valley.

abit depressing for some people i guess. going all the way to mid valley to watch King Kong alone...
being a loner wasn't the most depressing part of it... it was the movie.
"beauty kill the beast?! " damn... whole freakin' show about men risking their lives to save a girl whose head should have been torn apart by the dinosaurs (director being conservative or what!? ... lol)

reminded me of how most 'strong' ladies out there like to say that 'women can do whatever men can do'... i don't see 17 women dying to save some men ;who is emotionally attached with a gorilla!

anyways, i had quite a therapy by shopping abit and getting what i wanted...
i didn't let myself down...i didn't disappoint myself... mission accomplished!

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006
appreciation for their hard work

Andy Serkis : one of the most talented and versatile actors out there. He is the dude that played King Kong's and Gollum's every movement and facial expressions. I guess Peter Jackson really likes him considering he used Andy in all his movies.

Martina Hingis: the fairytale comeback continues...
[time for sharapova to step out from the spotlight]

Oprah Winfrey : yes... yes!!! she is my role model! did i stutter?! hehe~ u go girl!!!

Ronaldinho : world's greatest football player...the master himself.
pundits no longer compare him to ronaldo , zidane or henry...
he now ranks among pele and maradona.

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

You died for me... i'll live for You
You died for me... i'll live for You
You died for me... i'll live for You

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constant gardener.
1 word that best describe this movie ; brilliant.
it is emotionally powerful, intelligent and engrossing. a tragic story told in such a beautiful way...Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weisz both gave solid performances. I love the cinematography too.

like my cousin jean said "Watch it. You'll like it. And if you don't, you don't deserve to like it.

Broken Flowers

well... this show is one of my 'art house/ sophisticated movie' tryouts and i think i failed pretty badly. I managed to finish the damn show but was stunned by the ending. I ain't going no forums to get answers or 'opinions/ assumptions' of the show's ending and message. i preffer my own 'opinion'.. which was the director ran out of film! haha. I did enjoy the show... i did appreciate the performance. i just didn't like > thats right - the ending. haha

both rated R. what'd you expect... its art house! lol

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Thursday, January 19, 2006
Selfish Me

i want to live my own life.
i mix with people i choose to mix with,
i hang out in spots i choose or am interested to hang out,
i do things my way, [my way or the high way]

every single person that i am close with from Tawau (excluding my parents and 1 buddy) is in KL.
the same people that hung out in my room when i was 12 chatting about petty problems, puppy love, annoying parents (kidding) are the same people that are hanging out in my KL home today.

Me, Christine, Kenneth, Jean and Ken >> all neighbours from Taman Bintang in Tawau are ReUnited this year. We are the self proclaimed 'Bintang Gang'

in addition to this group for 2006 is my best friend from Tawau (also from Taman Bintang)/

i was happy at first... but i'm worry that he'll cling on to me too much that my freedom might be jeopardized. I have to be the big brother to him here since he's new to the 'city life' with no siblings here (not as fortunate as me). damn, i'm selfish!

escaping KL life once in a while is fine.
experiencing KL life once in a while is not good enough.
trying to balance old pals and new ' interesting friends' (believe!) are both my priorities.

sigh, my hope for this year is to 'fit in' in Victoria University, make an impact in CF/ campus, create no drama, enjoy life and desire not worldy stuff.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Christian Fellowship (CF) is back!
1st meeting will be this thursday where a welcoming party will be held.
i am excited as i am ready to commit myself to serve and take CF seriously this year.
however, there is this discomfort in me...
knowing Monash will soon have their own campus (seperated from Sunway) next year...
the possibility of the continuation of CF (for both sunway and monash) seems thin and unlikely.

[futher studies]
i have applied for Victoria University. I am done.. all i have to do now is wait for a comfirmation letter.

much to look forward for in 2006.

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Sunday, January 15, 2006
One Fine Day in ONE UTAMA.

it's less than 24 hours since i got back from Tawau... and i've did so much already. ehehe.
my friend from Ipoh; Yi Fang was performing in 1U. so me, dave and nat hung out abit and watched her performance. it was awsome... really.

we almost didn't make it. the show started around 3.30. and we were still stuck in a jam (raining heavily somemore) approx 3pm. anyways... we 3 ran our ass off from outside (1 U no more parking) to 1U in the middle of a huge huge rain. it was worth it i guess.


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i am back! Sweeeeeet!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006
a picture is worth a thousand words

Eric. First Man to take off from the offensive team.
[note:] I am the 2nd last from the bottom.

defensive team still holding on. poor eric, kena kemek! haha

make it 2. 2 thousands words? hehe

one of my highlights of 2005 (ssmc youth camp).
an 'ice breaker' from the United States... called "butt butt"

there are 2 opposing teams .
defence(below) holds as tight as possible and tries not to fall flat as...
offence(top) jumps and lands on the defensive line one by one

defensive team wins if they can hold against 5 offensive team members on top of of them.
offensive team wins if defensive team crashes and falls flat.

can you imagine what would be going through the defensive team's head when it is big vic's turn to land on them... haha!

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"pastor gave us her blessing. She asked us not to feel guilty and continue keeping the faith"

this was what my sister told me in a phone conversation with her last night.

i am...relieved. i thank God for the peace only He can give.

i just wish that my decision could had been made more 'silently'.
my post on leaving church was rather childish...
being emotional with my 'no compromise' attitude; not being cognitive...
tying to express how i felt was not necessary at all.

[correction] Christine changed her mind, She will be staying back in GT.

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guess what?
more bad news.

i am currently worrying about 'things' that normally only old people would worry about.
its my sight. my left eye's power is getting higher (critically).

oh... i got new specs ; my 20th specs if not mistaken.
i am bloody 18 , i own 20 specs and my left eye's power has reached 800.
800?! imagine what was going through my mind when the doctor told me that...
" i'm gonna be fucking blind in a few years! son-of-a- BITCH!" ... "what the hell man?!"

damn...my dad's advice was for me to let both eyes' power to increase ...
until the power halts... my dad allows me to get a laser treatment. (expensive shit!)

anyways... i finish another book. Saul Bellow's 'The Actual'. yay!
this was like my 3rd book. the only 1 with 'detailed intimate stuff' in it. so, it took me one day to finish it.
i'm currently reading 'Blink' also by Malcolm Gladwell.

..AND, correction~ i'll be going back KL on 14. hallelujah! oh ya, pray for my eyes people!
i don't want to be a fat blind chink for the rest of my life!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Today's post : depressing, self reflecting, honest and bitter.

I went swimming today.

[situation] :
just finished a few laps and decided to come out from the pool.

here i was... feeling great about myself ;
thinking "what a great day..(interupted)

a few girls (really really young) started talking among themselves in Cantonese.

[they were like...]

girl 1: eh! he fat wan ah ? hmm..
girl 2: haha. very fat ooh.
girl 1: can not tell that he is fat lerr when i saw his head.
girl 2: big body with small head loh!
together : hahaha!

my thoughts : "damn it~ what the hell lah?!"
bloody kids! it's not like i don't try!

went to the shower feeling crappy;
not the best feeling; when kids make fun of you (often)...

i could just picture them starring in one of the 'happy tree friends episodes.

i've always had a problem with annoying kids. ( people close to me knows... oh they know!)

stupid kids!

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Sunday, January 08, 2006

being a momma's boy ...

[situation] : i was in front of the computer; on my ass for 2 hours straight...and mom looked at me
i thought... oh boy, here comes the nagging.

mom: Kern Sui... actually you can go back earlier to KL. it's just a matter of RM50 extra.
me : YAH! i want to go back earlier. 15th larr!
mom: SO early?! aiya... no need lah. what for waste your time and money there. Here got free food somemore.
me : YERR!... you say RM50 more only. here damn boring lah. nothing to do and no place to go!
mom: It's the same thing. You're gonna watch tv and play your stupid video games only.
me : video games? shit. my ps2! ya lah... that's why i want to go back earlier!
mom: ask dad first.

well, dad wasn't keen on the idea at first.
but... looking at how I was slowly rotting in Tawau, he had to be merciful. hehe

so... I'll be back in a week.

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Saturday, January 07, 2006


'The Practice'.
last week's episode.

Eugene is presented with an offer he finds hard to refuse, and Ellenor is shocked when she hears the news, knowing full well that any departure by Eugene would mean the beginning of the end of the practice.

here is how the intense conversation between Eugene and Ellenor went ...

Ellenor : How could you do this?!
Eugene : I am not taking the offer.
Ellenor : you went to the interview ... for you to even consider!... (pauses)
(continues...) what about the firm? you do know what will happen to the firm if you...
Eugene : (interupts) Why are you making it sound as if i HAVE to...
do i not have the right?!.... I have the right. ( silent moment)

alright. back to my life.
this year, i plan to attend another church.
it was an easy decision. no need for anyone to make me feel guilty.

Do I owe anything to God's servants because of what they've done for me?
am i making a statement that the church leaders sucked if i were to leave?
am i not being appreciative of what my church members if i were to leave?
is it that wrong?

reasons... do i really need to explain myself?

you want to see breakthroughs in your life... so do I.
you seek for God's purpose in your life... so do I.
you wish to belong in a place you felt comfortable... so do I.
you desire to make an impact in other's lives...so do I.
you have different priorities, goals and visions for your own life... so do I.

what's there to explain?

[for the record ]
David, you were my first cell group leader. You have trully inspire me throughout the year... not giving up on me and were always there to support me. I pray that you will understand me this time.
The leaders of Glad Tidings Church are like no other. May God bless them. I can't thank them enough.

i prayed about it. GTPJ is just not what i need at the moment.

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Thursday, January 05, 2006


currently listening to :
The Books' ablum ; " Lost and Safe "
The Alkaline Trio's album ; "Crimson"

currently reading : Malcom Gladwell's international bestseller ; ' The Tipping Point '

just got a hair cut. cost me RM13. I think it's the best hair cut i got in a long time.

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Belated Reflections.

after a long session of brain storming, i finally came to my senses and decided to blog about 2005 (one last time).

well 2005 was a blast for me that started really dull and ended that way too.
~that's because i was back in Tawau for those 2 occasions. ~

anyways... here are the most significant Good , Bad and Ugly all year long.

2005 GOOD (s)~
Experienced college life for the first time. [freedom]
Glad Tidings Church PJ [services and cell group]
College's Christian Fellowship
Youth camps [ GTPJ, SSMC and CF]
New taste in music [Indie/ emo]
Planet Shakers night concerts
Meeting new people
Turning 18 [official freedom]
Being a good friend [still... a good listener]
Being Passionate for God

2005 BAD (s)~
Drama in college. [ misunderstandings]
Unchanged attitude. [ bitterness and insensitivity]
Results. [ couldn't enter Monash University]
End of my PRE-U

2005 UGLY (s)~
Rushed my brother to Clinic.[when he almost chop off his own thumb]

Went to the police station. [ brother's 3rd accident]

fine... so this isn't your usual deep reflection type post, but these are the most significant things that happened (not to my thinking nor to my way of life)... it just happened.

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