Sunday, September 21, 2008
being 21

its my 21st birthday just yesterday.
an eventful day indeed.
it wouldn't be fitting for me to describe how it feels like being 21 at this moment of time as i havent really experience the difference yet.

what i can say though, is...
i had a minor accident on my way to church yesterday.
yep, thats right. a flippin accident on my birthday. i'm not gonna spare the details as this has burdened me and i shall not make you guys too worried about me.
so to keep things simple, the accident involved me, a female motorcyclist, kids in my car, a huge bang, a post-accident X ray check up, a possible police report, and the actual Settlement of the whole drama which has yet to happen.

so yah. Happy Effin Birthday to Me. cheers.

On 1:43 AM, Victor let go.