Thursday, September 11, 2008
show some love 2

i wrote a post on a certain Bangladeshi girl in my uni about a year ago.
her performance blew me did her smile.

one year later, she still performs in my university- occasionally when there's events.
I've revealed myself to her being one of her biggest fans, she was flattered- i blushed.
and bam, we're friends now...though i doubt she knows my name. haha..
but yea, the smile i get when i walk pass her makes the world seem like a better place. jokes.

her name's Palki. her version of cranberries' animal instinct remixed with her Bangladeshi song still melts my heart. i wished i had a video of that performance. however, what i do have is a picture taken with her at my uni's recent ball :)

On 11:02 AM, Victor let go.