Tuesday, March 28, 2006
100th post

... will you look at that?! it's my 100th post. a milestone... no?

i've lost my focus
drifting apart from my goals
not knowing my priorities.
i've been taking things too lightly

i have dissapoint myself with my performance in University lately.
i've been slacking and not managing my time well enough.
something i just realized actually.

this hit me after i lied about my unfinish homework during one of my tutorials.
i didn't take it very well.
i was emotinal about it ...
feeling useless and helpless.

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

the hassle... BEGINS
i woke up at 6 am. got ready and got myself a cab to PJ's Pejabat Pendaftaran Negara.
i reached there around 7.15... waited till 8...
got my ic renewal done by 8.30.

ic down/ atm card to go.

took a cab from Pejabat Pendaftaran Negara to Bandar Sunway's Ming Tien.
had a satisfying meal and went straight to MayBank.
the process of Renewing my ATM took half an hour only.
reached home around 10 am.

freshen up *again
and off i was to university at 10.30.

see the the benefits of good time management?
not that i'm saying everything's perfect.
i'm not.
i am dead tired at the moment.
but at least i got everything done... including my student id.

a moment of peace and a sense of 'freedom'...
freedom from the weight/ burden for now. =D
but still- dead tired. bloody classes ends at 5.30pm later.

to God be the Glory. yet again, HE never fails!

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

today was an 'eventful' day. a mix of good and unfortunate events.
i weep... watching 'I not stupid too'. the show was a true sobfest.

anyways... after the show and when i was on my way home, i realized something...
something hit me real hard...
it wasn't the emotinal show's impact on me...
i actually realized that my wallet was no where to be found.

i panicked. went all the way back to pyramid and searched the cinema.
still no where to be found, i decided to make a police report.

i lost my identity card, ATM card, student id, library card and driving license.
i still thank the Lord for giving me the strength facing shit like this.
with Andrew by my side through the whole process, i felt much at ease.
with Andrew's brother Abel and friend Jacob, i had nothing to worry about.

i did not have the 'Why The Fuck Me?!' feeling.

its just that...
'shit happens'... and i want to get through the hassle of renewing every card ASAP.


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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

i've been feeling like shit lately...
haven't got myself into this type of conditions in a long time.

but life has been good despite the unwell weekend i experienced.

last weekend was packed with church and Victoria University's activities.

there was a combined cell group meeting on Friday night...
where 2 previously multiplied cells reunite.

then there was Victoria University's Orientation Bash in Sunway Lagoon on saturday morning.
it was a day to remember for me
as i experienced the scariest shit i've ever ride in my life.

anyways, i had an outing with my cell members on Sunday afternoon. A bbq to be exact.
the weather wasn't in our favour... but i felt optmistic thinking ' the sick cannot get sicker' ... so i took a swim while it was raining. NO REGRETS THERE. heehee

but the bbq was delayed because of the huge rain. the venue had to be re-thoughted and we ended up in 'Kota Kemuning'.

so yeah, i'm feeling much better now .

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

can't seem to blog these days.

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

i have successfully completed my first assignment.
an assignment to complete an essay 'PLAN'.
less complex than your usual university assignment.
but still, i searched cases, journals, text as reference...
so yea. i'm proud of this 'achievement'. lol

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Thursday, March 09, 2006
on my way to cell group

source: The Star
what you read was what i saw.
on my way to cell group, i saw many trees that had fell...
didn't realized the storm was that enormous as i was in class at that time.

but the shoking scene for me was Ridzuan's Car park,
some of the car park's roofs have collapsed and crashed on the cars

this was taken on my bulcany. the roof of Tenaga Nasional Berhad is destroyed by the wind too.

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006
self- uni

Victoria University;
often labelled as THE place to be for 'none Monash material' students.

Victoria University Students;
often looked down by condenscending students of Monash .

the name, the standards, the status...
the 'superiority' of it all...

it doesn't change the fact that i'm proud of being a Victoria University student.
my lecturers are great...
my parents are seeing the bright side of Victoria University...
Things are finally going my way!

thoughts :
i want to make an impact by joining the committee
but i can't stand some of my seniors.

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Monday, March 06, 2006

God has a plan for me.
what plans? Who knows?!

the challenge of walking in faith is becoming greater each day.
maybe its the assurance i'm longing for...
maybe its the fear of future obstacles ahead of me...
whatever it may be...
i know one thing. HE never failed me... and never will.

with full support from my family, i think i am ready to take that step of faith...
doing more than what i am capable of...
doing my part to achieve what God has already planned for my life.

there is this 'gut feeling' telling me that this step of faith shall be taken in not only studies, but serving (making an impact in campus).

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Saturday, March 04, 2006

had an enrollment in univeristy this morning.
was supposed to register as an official Victoria University student.
that meant i had to comfirm the subjects i was taking this year...
AND the course i've decided to do while i'm in Victoria University.

here's the problem.
the course i've chosen was ' Strategic and Financial Management'.
a course which limited my twinning options. the only option i had was 1 + 2.
meaning, i'd have to leave Malaysia after my first year... WTH man!

my intention was to study 2 years locally and the final year in overseas.

here's the actual problem...
i have not discuss this decision with my parents...
knowing financial problem is another issue.

*silent sigh*

after a serious conversation with my dad.
my future is suddenly blur.

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Thursday, March 02, 2006
certified idiot

its just one of those days... when i feel like doing something stupid.

today i had an hour of class only.
so before i went home, i did something i've been wanting to do in a long time.

i stopped at 7 eleven and got myself a huge slurpee.
and it was time... ' brain freeze' time!!!

definitely 'dumb ass signs' written all over my head.

i got exactly what i asked for. a brief moment of ' self torture'. haha!

mission 'brain freeze' accomplished and a well earned medal of ' idiotism'

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

highlight of my day...
my managing and organizational behaviour lecturer chased out a few chatty students from lecture hall this afternoon.

at night...

i went out with Andrew my faithful 'kaki lepak' to watch PINK PANTHER.

this show might be the 'Surprise Movie' for 2006.

at first i thought it would be another pointless remake filled with rubbish...
but it turn out being the funniest crap i've watched in years!

in the cinema, audience were actually clapping for the funniest sceneS.
I sporting , of course i joined in the fun too.
this movie was just what i needed!

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