Saturday, May 27, 2006
The Da Vinci Code

the show i've anticipated since the announcement of the movie being filmed by Ron Howard after the success of Dan Brown's controversial novel.

obviously Ron Howard had a big responsibility to not disappoint the fans of Dan Brown's ' Da Vinci Code'. But he had to prove himself to hollywood as well with the success of recent movies (based on books) such as the harry porter series and the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

'the Da Vinci Code' was an entertaining thriller...filled with suspense and twist; true to the original book. nothing more.

the movie has its pros and cons. one being more than the other.
the flashback scenes were overdone as if Peter Jackson co-directed the movie.
the scenes where past and present emerged were pretty impressive.
Ian McKellen's performance was brilliant.
the cast (Tom Hanks and Paul Bettany especially) ... oh ya... cast; not the acting i might add.

The acting... especially Audrey Taotou's performance. (felt like Natalie Portman in 'starwars' with french accent)
The Flow (was abit too long )
Too safe (uninspired)

enough said. i still liked the movie.
haven't read the book.
that's why the mysteries and puzzle is really engrossing.

in conclusion, Da Vinci is a bloody genious. haha

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Friday, May 26, 2006
time out

my last minute ; final editing on my Management assignment was a waste...
me and my group members had left out some areas from the final report. so ya, bummer.

relief! all assignments are done.
maybe 1 day to rejoice and relax before the revision for finalz starts.

basketball competition is postponed again...
yep, was raining heavily till none of the referee bothered to come.

anyways, i'll be watching Da Vinci Code tonight.
i'll be watching it just as an average dude in the audience.
not some dude who rushed to finish the book before the movie came out;
not some critic who wants to compare the movie to Dan Brown's book;
not some pissed off christian who wants to make himself even more pissed at hollywood;
i'll be the few who haven't read the book and plans to watch the movie for the sake of the movie.
directed by Ron Howard ; one of my fav.
oh ya, and hopefully i do not fall under the category where I had no idea what was going on in the movie and thought it was boring.

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

its past 12 am...
i'm finally done with my final editing to my group assignment. hopefully everything goes well.

this group assignment was a great experience for me.
there was minimum conflict between me and my group members.
the work load was just right for all of us.

eventhough i don't gain the extra experience, a deeper sense of purpose in life or inspiration...
i still think that i benefited from the whole process.
how? i got to eat at Murni's [finally!] by the end of discussion last night.
my first time at Murni's.
so ya! no complains for staying back late in college ! lol

sometimes... its the little things in life that cheers me up.
little things such as food.
always cheers me up.
example :
tasting Murni's Triple X for the first time (combination of bread, cheese hotdog and burger covered by omelette)
tasting Indomee kambing for the first time.

enough about food...
something totally in contrast;
inter- course basketball tournament has just begun!

didn't get to play today due to bloody wet weathers.
actually glad that its postponed to another time and day where less people are willing to watch the game. the taste of being trashed would not be THAT bitter.
being a player for a newly formed side (vu- B) ... there is no way we can compete with the top dogs~! joining the competition is for the sake of experience, nothing more.

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Saturday, May 20, 2006
VU night 06

probably one of the grand-est event i've ever experienced.
the theme for the prom was 'masquarade'... beauty behind mystery. nicceee!

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

You and I have been through many things.

I'll hold on to your heart.

I wouldn't cry for anything,

But don't go tearing your life apart.

I have seen fear. I have seen faith.

Seen the look of anger on your face.

And if you want to talk about what will be,

Come and sit with me, and cry on my shoulder,

I'm a friend.

And if you want to talk about it anymore,

Lie here on the floor and cry on my shoulder,

I'm a friend.

James Blunt's cry.

a simple song.
not too sure what he's implying in the song...
but i like it. (even though its bloody James Blunt).

i could be'that' friend... but i wonder whether i'll ever be more than that.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

so many things to do... so little time.

my exams are in 3 weeks time... and i am no where near prepared nor starting my preparations.
i'm having a microeconomic test tomorrow,
knowing that i always crash and burn at the last minute...
i dare not say that my preparations and revisions are enough or sufficient to pass in flying colours.

in 2 days time... its V U night ( my university's very own Prom Night)
i am involve in one of the event's highlight. a fashion/ cultural show.
so yea, i guess you could call me a... erm... model? jokes.

i have a major assignment due next week. a group assignment on Management .
and my group members and i are planning to rush (yes... not rushing but in fact planning to rush) the assignment only after the V U Night.

lastly, i am currently in Victoria University's Basketball Club.
training session has already begun.
I am working my ass off to be fit for an inter- programme basketball tournament.
and that'll begin on monday.

i'll be fooling myself if i were to think that 2 days of training will be enough to get me in shape...
but that's not the point.
i'm contributing a big part to my team. by doing what i do best...
passing the ball...
and also shooting larr. (those are the areas i'm working on at the moment).

i won the first place in an inter-class basketball tournament when i was form 5.
my one and only sports trophy besides 2 gold for tug-of-war
(doesn't count eventhough i'm proud of it).
anyways, i remember i was named ' sniper ' for my 3 points shooting accuracy once...
don't think i'll ever get back to that form again.

currently listening to : Mono. some post-rock/ instrumental band.
Regina Spektor. awesome indie artist.

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Sunday, May 14, 2006
lovely weekend

City Harvest Church presented a special event; musical drama this weekend.
it was called 'Mid Monsoon Love'.
the whole thing was just sensational.
the church was on its feet as soon as the musical drama ended.
a well deserved standing ovation for all performers indeed.

anyways, my pastor preached about the 5 love languages.
which are...
each of us have different love language(s) in our lives...
some people might feel love only when they receive gifts ....
some might need to be constantly told by their love ones.
some want that affirmation,
some couldn't care less but to display their affection.

for me...
words; don't really count (sad but true)

too many times promises have been broken;
lies have been told;
misunderstandings have occured;

words may be pleasing at times, but it can -Cut-as well.
i should know.
i have hurt too many loved ones. i've been hurt too.
bible tells us that 'offences are inevitable'...but i think - 'avoidable'.
~what i've been trying to do eversince~
i know my weaknesseSss. Not being a "word" sensitive person is one of em'.

my love language is quality time.
some examples...

the only time i spend with my dad when he's free is when we're watching the television,
especially a game of soccer together.
we would get our favourite snacks and drinks ready before the match start.
though it's not much, but its significant enough to strengthen the bond between the both of us.

as for my mom, i love it when i disturb her when she's reading on her bed just before her bedtime.

i'll just go to my parents room and hang out there ... read the newspaper or articles with them.
so ya, i get loadz of nagging from my mom... such as
"kern sui, you see this article about eating healthy? "
"nah! take this and read, its on how to loose weight "
" no homework ah? go do some reading... take this article.."
"see kern sui! this boy so poor but can do so well in his exam. you so lazeee! so spoilt!"
etc etc.

quality time to me is pretty important. thus, i don't mind the nagging.

its the same thing with me and my friends.

for example, i make it a point to meet my good friend; Eva (whose studying in Monash)

everyweek. same place ; same time...
at least an hour... to catch up on her life.
that's how i show my appreciation to her or my loved ones.
giving them my time.
in the end... it's all worth it.

what's your love language?

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Saturday, May 13, 2006
season to love

memories of a special moment spent with my mom just flashed through my mind.

i was around the age of 4

after taking my bath... i remember my mom drying my hair with a towel in the living room.
at the organ area...
don't recall much... all i know is that she pampered me at that moment.
felt really good. hehe.
one of the vague memories i will try to hold on forever.

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

i just received my business stats test result.
it was 12.5 over 20.

now; if this was the score i got for my form 5's add maths.
i'll be jumping for joy... experiencing the miracle of God.

if this was the score i got for my Pre U's applicable maths.
i won't even be studying in Victoria University now. haha.. jokes jokes.
(applicable maths was tough)

but now... getting this mark for Business Stats (Victoria University standard) is unacceptable.
i am honestly still in shock and in denial.
this was suppose to be easy for me.
i'm not being overconfident,
its a test on the first few chapters of stats...
which i did what i have to do to score! i actually did past year questions. dang~!

maths was never my strong subject... neither was any other subjects [was optimistic about accounting and econs once- results proved me wrong] .

so yeah, pretty screwed up at the moment.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

was pretty insensitive and..
hmm.. unsupportive in a way of me to critisize the ways of my church.
i'm not taking back what I've said.
but i am taking time to understand my church's culture and accept its vision.

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Sunday, May 07, 2006
soul searching

what a great sunday. finally a day i don't bum around all day.
watched MI111 after church service.

morning service was great. enjoyed myself.
most importantly... happy being back in the presense of God.

hmmm..something about my church. my church's culture to be specific.
i think, it's by far the most happening and fastest growing church in town.
it has a firm culture. very attractive to new comers indeed.

here's my problem. yep...the church's culture itself.
the church is hip and cool.
my church's bookstore sells trendy accessories such as various belt buckles, chains and what not.
i look at the church members...
majority of them has cool / 'unnatural' hairstyles and a great sense of fashion.

is it just me? or do i think that the christians in my church are being accepting in a totally different way... a very shallow way in fact.
making those who felt leftout before feel 'belong' ...
as long as they look cool (just like any other City Harvest Church member)
making 'appearance' matter.

what will happen to those who does not agree with my church's culture?
won't they feel left out just by being themselves?
isn't this what Christianity is all about?
letting the world know that Jesus loves everyone just as they are...

[thoughts... frustrated and just me bullshitin')
like seriously...
if some geek came lookin' for friends in CHC... it would be impossible.
CHC will transform that geek into a geek with nice hair and hip clothings and then...
he'll fit just right in.

dang... i wish i was some emo/indie kid right now.
coz i think i might just fit the 'WannaBe Hip' christian community at the moment.
just sense that my church might be lacking 'depth'.
but it's all good. as long as the good news is spread.

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

this week has been a 'war'
physically and spiritually.

physically - i'm not feeling well. i'm tired. i'm giving in. i am defeated.
spiritually - I am victorious.

just a few days ago, a security guard from college called me.
he informed me that someone returned my wallet and asked me to claim it.
i was pleasantly surprised... because it has been a while since i lost it.

anyways, there was no cash in the wallet... no atm card either
but other than that, everything was there.

never occured to me that my prayer came through... eventually.
so yea, praise the Lord.
prayer does work. even in mysterious ways.

this week... 1 word kept stirring up my soul. and it was 'discipline'.
i prayed about it. i prayed for it...
and i got what i asked for.

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