Friday, June 30, 2006

awesome movie about Truman Capote
Capote became the most famous Writer in America after the novel "in cold blood", a story about a Kansas family being murdered for no apparent reason.

The murderers ran for a few years and finally they were caught, tried, and
accused for murder. In 1965 , Perry Smith and Dick Hitchcock was hung for the crime.

'Capote' was a movie about the life of Truman Capote. The movie highlighted Truman Capote's connection with Perry Smith in search of what really happened that cold blooded night for his book.

What seemed to be an honest and sincere friendship between Capote and Perry was in fact, just a lie. Capote really did cared and loved Perry, but his concern to finish his book mattered more to him. Capote did not help Perry in the court of appeal. Thus, Perry and Dick was hung till death.

The movie ended with the final quote Capote's book "in cold blood" which was ' More tears are shed over answered prayers than unanswered ones'.

a brilliant movie in deed, with an amazing oscar winning performance by Phillip Seymour Hoffman. aahhh, good movies... its been a while since i watched one.

the experience of watching this movie was totally sweeet and satisfying.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006
feeling the love

yesterday was fun.
2nd day of holiday and it was already packed!
i went to play basketball with Meng Jiew at Uni in the morning.
rushed home and got ready to hang out with some friend later in the morning.
Eva picked me up... She, Suet Yee and I went mid valley to chill.
we watched 'black night' the horror movie that consist of 3 horror short films directed by 3 different directors. anyways, it was pretty much a rip off... not too disappointing as i heard loadz of bad reviews ( stubborn of me).

anyways, our -chill session -slash- therapy- slash-enjoying window shopping- ended pretty early. around 4.
Eva drop me at Sunway Pyramid as she had to go home already. [eva... u made my day!]
i went Bowling with a totally different group of friends- the same group that i had seafood together with. So yeah, i was pretty much late for that gathering but still. better late then never.

my day ended with watching world cup as usual... not the 3am match though.
and yeah.. my point.

its one thing to feel belonged and accepted by a group of friends when one can easily join their gathering or activity that they have planned.
its another thing when one's friends actually includes him/her to 'their' plan as if he/she was important and special...overwhealming. [can't get a better feeling than that! sure can't.. because all of us loves nothing more than feeling special, this however makes me feel that i'm self centered in a way... and i'm feeling guilty bout it]

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006
on holiday

my long awaited freedom has finally arrived.
its my 1 month break now... and i'm having a blast.
during the night after my last paper was over, me and a group of friends had seafood all the way at Kepong.
[lack of photographs due to -who gives a F about it- attitude when we're flippin eating seafood especially them crabs... uhhm uhhm good.]

great food. great company. great night... (not quite)

went to the Mamak to watch the match between Italy and Australia when i got back from dinner.
it was the greatest finish a football match could offer.
dramatic... emotional... screaming my heart out - well, that was me standing on my feet/ lifting up both hands when Totti scored the all-important final minute penalty kick.
whoo~ emotional rush- gilaa! Italia all the way!!!

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Thursday, June 22, 2006
simple faith

" Being a Christian is not hard... all you need to do is pray and read your bible as you wake up every morning, and go to cell group and church when you have to ".

when someone makes fun of your faith... what do you do?
when someone rejects you for what you believe in...
when what you stand for doesn't seem worth it ...
when you fell into temptations, feeling lost and hopeless...
when you are feeling bitter, not willing to forgive and forget...
when we feel unworthy being called the children of God after confessing our sins...
all those times we have disappointed our loved ones...
all those times They failed us...
our solution is to pray and read our bible... then go church when we have to?
can we trully say that Christian have the simplest of lives. No. bible said that 'we are not of the world'. so...i suppose this means life is overrated and we should lower down our expectations?

what was my pastor trying to say then? ...
simple faith?
we have a close relationship with God, we have the gift of tongue, we can prohesy, we can bless, we can heal, we can have wisdom, strength, blessings and vision ... all this through prayer?

we have the authority... through the blood and the name of Jesus?

simple faith... this is what i pray for.

with simple faith..
there will be less cynicism, less doubts, less distracting thoughts and less distortion of the presence of God...
thus, God will move...touching lives, healing souls, burning the passion in us for His name and revealing His plans to us.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

special day... not.
feeling unwell...
haven't felt this weak in a long time.

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Monday, June 19, 2006

after my Management and Organizational Behaviour paper was over, it was an 'all break- non working' weekend for me.

on friday, i played footsal for the 2nd time... and my favourite 'addidas superstar' shoes was thorn apart on the spot. it's the best shoes i've ever gotten [through the hardest persuasion i ever did]

on sunday,
i was supposed to meet up an old friend of mine from Tawau in Pyramid and catch ' Tokyo Drift'.
Before he arrived, i was ...ahem... looking at pretty girls? .. nah... not when i'm alone [as if]
i went to MPH ... spotting for those intellectual/ sophisticated-good looking girls.
{though its not easy to find cuties hanging around in MPH these days, those who do... they really capture my attention and i find them extremely attractive }
maybe these girls fit the descriptions of the girl in my dream... those type where i would accidently bumped into and could have a decent conversation and get to know each other better after that. haha.. [clearly not one of my fantasies]

i must be dreaming again.

anyways, i got to read my horoscope in one of those 'horoscope books'.
i'm a Virgo...
a Virgo supposed to be the image of a virgin that symbolizes purity. Virgo ain't the most passionate people around. their faithfulness and commitment makes it up for their lack of passion.
okieee, is it just me? or am i not the only one who thinks this is whack and its totally opposite from me?! moving on...

Tokyo Drift.
it was the same old same old action packed 'mildly entertaining' (better word for boring?) movie filled with the hottest cars and girls in Asia.

what i liked:
the music... loadz of Raggaeton stuff and kinky japanese beats to it.

what i didn't liked :
the white Texas dude's acting. it was as if he was the same person from 'Friday Night Lights' who was suddenly more into racing than football.

enough said. weekend is over. next paper is on thursday. dang it!

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

1 down. 3 to go.
Microeconomics paper today was tougher than i expected [ my fault ]...

me and my usual 'hang out buddies' went pyramid and got our 'well deserve' break.
not really... not yet... not until after the killer paper- management and organizational behaviour paper on thursday. but yea, we went there for a somewhat quick lunch before everyone heads back home and sleep (not rest/ sleep... hehe).

i got a new pair of shoes for myself. basketball shoes... that i've longed for since the end of last year.

that particular ball... its a prize my brother won in his company's annual award night for having the balls (hehe... beats me). so ya, i'm rewarding myself for having the balls to go shopping knowing my management paper is 2 days away.

currently listening to : Sandi Thom's ' what if i'm right' for her debut album : Smile... it confuses people. this was the song that woke me up from my sleep and started stomping and clapping out of the blue and suddenly have the mood to take my books and actually study. no joke. was sleeping around 12 before exam week (so wrong!)... but still. lol. She's the bomb!

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Thursday, June 08, 2006
vic. chillin

chillin'... emotionally.

not in my studies though...
i've been revising in my uni's library from morning till evening every single day.
who knew having study sessions could be fun... with the right people to group-study with.
but yeah, i see progress in my revision.
two thumbs up.

its been a while since i wisely managed my time during revision.
getting more done lately. however, not prepared for exams yet.

listening to : Nelly Furtado's Maneater. [ something pointless for my own pleasure. shoot me! ]

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

it's about time.
exams are near and i'm banging balls here trying to finish my revision...
what better timing to lash out my feelings.

feelings of being used and manipulated.
feelings of being mistreated.

ever felt useful for once.

being a great help to a particular person
*say...some bitch who uses her bloody charm to manipulate her peers*
and after that, you mean nothing more in that particular person's life?

my answer? = close.

i do not compromise.
i will not surrender and be a victim of being a 'disposable (throw after use) friend'.
i said no... not actually 'no'.. rather i gave excuses. {lame ones will do}
but still, its the thought that count. (thought of not allowing yourself to be manipulated)

piece of advise (something cognitive i've learnt only in university on how to say no to a peer).
i'll give an example.

manipulative bitch: hey, peter?.. wait.. is it victor? .. hehe..
victor : it's victor.
manipulative bitch: oh ya, i was thinking... can I ask you..
victor : hell no. fuck off!

(example/ not illustrating any past situations i faced)

fine... not the smartest thing to say. but the fastest way to make a stand.
dang. time to start banging balls again. microeconomics to finish!

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Thursday, June 01, 2006
pain don't mix with pleasure.

'no pun intended'

serious. i didn't meant sex. please!

i am referring to my basketball competition experience.
well, its not much... not at all.
half an quarter each games. 3 loss in a row.

my hobby... my pain.

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