Saturday, November 25, 2006
langkawi and penang (pictures)

Bidor - Pamelo paradise
Ipoh- ACS high school

Ipoh- Town

Langkawi- Waterfall

Langkawi- Cable Car ride

Langkawi- Beach

Langkawi - Boat Ride

Penang- Temple

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Friday, November 24, 2006
Langkawi trip

a life changing road trip with 19 others.

it was an eventful trip filled with memorable moments, near trajedies, new experiences, rainy days, compromising behaviours.

eventhough i could rant on how fortunate i was to have the skin of my finger ripped off rather than the whole finger during a boat ride, i've chosen not to. ahhh, no biggie... just a rediscovery of the 'accident kid' in me.

anyways, i've got better moments i would cherish forever. hmm, such as getting to know hot german, english and canadian girls. dancing with few of them too ( i might add)...
oh , how i wished i've took a picture or two of them. on the other hand, i would have been too drunk to do anything after that night.

the 4 days we spent in langkawi were all rainy dayz which couldn't stop us from having fun.
we were under the rain when we were on the beach, up the waterfalls, in the cable car, during the boat ride as well as on our way home.

it was just perfect. to have friends willing to drive during the whole trip (Chee Hau, Frankie, Steven and stephen). and it was all made possible thanks to Frankie and Chee Hau who organized everything for us. (20 of us i must repeat).

the guys

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

ooohh.. finally a post which i can 'kinda' connect my life and what church have been teaching.

well, first of all... i've been critised as a person who goes to church but still act like i don't ( you know? every christian go through this and wished people would actually realized why we're christian in the first place [ the fact that we know we're sinners and need Jesus to deliver us from it] )

just before my MacroEconomics exam last week, me and my friends were in the discussion room discussing and doing our last minute revision...

my friend suddenly asked " whats the meaning of yiTayih, yiTayih ?"
its a common word used by girls when they're being screwed in japanese porn.

so ... one guy said " its harder - harder"
i just replied silently (never heard of this word. honest!) " i thought its deeper, deeper"

and my friends laugh out loud and questioned what church actually thought me. hmm. funny.

Pastor Andrew Hoys came to City Harvest last weekend and actually preached about " God's entrepreneur".
coincidentally, me and my friend were just deciding to enter the 'HSBC young entrepreneur awards' competition the night before...
with a sense of assurance, i'm going to give it a shot. taking that step of faith. (making my long break a productive one since i'll be busy coming out with a business plan for some innovative idea)..

we'll see how things goes.

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i suck as a friend

i broke my promise to attend a friend's church camp.
i felt shitty for doing it, but at the same time - i know what i want and what i do not wish to be a part of.

for the past two years i've been in KL, i've never really settled in a church.
if i wasn't judging the members, i would be judging the pastors or the culture of those churches.

never contented with any of them.

Hence, i'm trying to stick with City Harvest. slowly adapting to the church's culture and their way of thinking (though it sometimes differ from my opinions and what i stand for).

so yea, i see no point in going to another church's camp to seek for an encounter with God...
if it was for the sake of fellowshipping with friends...then my reason would be ' that money is going to my church's building fund '.

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Friday, November 10, 2006
it's over

my final exams are donezo

road trip with my friends to Langkawi and Penang
Holiday with Family in ChiangMai; Thailand

in between, i'm gonna catch up with 'Good Shit' type- Movies.
its been awhile since my emotions had been stirred up by inspiring stories.

self. just realized... after calculating what i have pledge for my building fund... adding my tithes and offering, i'll be actually giving church half of my monthly allowance from Nov to March 07'

call me the rubberband man- as my faith and my attitude will be stretched to the limits.

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

nothing wrong being hard headed at times.
flickered mindedness is not about a person not knowing what he or she wants... but its about a person knowing what he or she don't want.

i guess that's how i would describe myself.
its something about me everyone hates.
the end result sometimes can be ultra sweet. considering the long and unclear process to end up doing or having something that will make me contented.

hence, it pisses me off if i can't get what i want... ( because! i don't usually know what i want... and if i do, i expect it to be taken care off).

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