Saturday, June 30, 2007
silent sigh

back in KL,


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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

you know that awesome feeling of being in another place in a blink of an eye...
well, for me its 45 minutes drive to KLIA, 2 hours plane flight to Kota Kinabalu and that annoying 45 minutes transit there ...then another hour in the plane to Tawau.
but still, here i am... back home in Tawau at the comfort of my parents and being 'home'.
and just this morning i had my final economics paper! hah. the joy.

well, i can't imagine how hard it is for those who left to overseas. it's like one minute they're with their friends in KLIA's McD reminiscing about their bittersweet memories, another minute they are in a new country, new surrounding with overpriced goods. the pain.

ever since i left KL... there's not one phone call from any of my west Malaysia friends.
the peace, the escape... just what i need!
but i didn't know that i could easily have that just by not having a car. huh...
opens your eyes doesn't it. but it's all good.
i'm not the most willing person anyways. its a break i need.
*cynical face* ... if i were to be straight and blunt... i meant ' leave me alone.'

on a lighter note... much lighter i must say.
Tawau has been great. so far in the span of 3 nights, i have spent RM9.90 for a new toothbrush.
thats pretty much it. too much information?
well, i think its is a pretty significant detail to express my way of saying that i have the easiest of life in Tawau... imagine the savings i'd have if i stayed back in tawau in the future.
Food has been amazing. seafood as good as ever, not as cheap though... mom ordered lobster.
in your face brother and sis! hah!

anywhoo... greetings from Sabah! i'm out.

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Monday, June 18, 2007
sunday morning

everything was planned out.

first, pick up some kids to church

then to Starbucks to rush my revision...

and lastly, Planet shakers!

the day did not went as plan...

yeah. (silent sigh)

definitely did not plan to get crash when i misjudged on the 'stop-look-go' junction.

i think i got the orders mixed up, i ' go-look-shocked-crash-stop' instead. not fun.

my first experience in confronting the other party and going over to the police station to settle the insurance claim and what not.

i'm still troubled by this of course. the post accident ' what if ' syndrom just won't go away.

besides that, i still have to settle some documents and claims...
all this hassle in the midst of my exams.
not very helpful..

yet, i continue praying.

there's loads i can thank GOD for...

thank God that the dude that hit me wasn't some gangster or some rude local.

thank God the car that got damaged wasn't a sport car or some other fancy rides.

thank God my brother and Vincent was there with me during the whole process.

thank God that the process in the police station went smoothly. a little too smooth...

yep, it was concluded immediately that the accident was a result from My negligence. heh~

thank God i still made it for the Planet shakers concert.

thank God i'm still alive.

thank God for caring friends.

thank God that my focus is shifted to NOW instead of being distracted

thank God i'm not a P license holder... eh?

thank God for miseries... purposed to turn into ministries one day.

Let's pray that i'll be more careful next time.

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Sunday, June 03, 2007

me and my movies selection.
in times of restlessness and confusion, I'm strucked by my movie preferences towards brain teasing and mind bending thrillers.

first it was ' 21 Grams ', then it was ' Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", now " Stay ".

its a very well 'made' movie starring Naomi Watts, Ryan Gosling and Ewan McGregor.
the catchphrase of the movie is pretty cool. "Between the world of the living and the dead, there is a place you're not supposed to Stay".

I love Ryan Gosling. since "Half Nelson"...
well, not really. hated the show, but his performance was still captivating.

it's been so long since i reviewed a movie... do i write out the movie synopsis? wait... what i do is criticize and criticize somemore. that's what i'd do. hmmm.

it's an old show and i assume noone is going to be influnced to watch this show even if i gave it a hell of a review. so yea, (thanks to Rotten Tomattoes' warning) i was indeed prepared for torture and confusion when i watched this movie. look who survived?! haha.

surviving the exams is another matter. here i am... reviewing a movie when my exams are still going on. 1 down, 3 to go; to be exact.

this... should be 'fun'.

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Friday, June 01, 2007

comfortable being with a friend without saying one word... thats the definition of a true friendship?

well, being comfortable in that situation is one thing.
being with a friend without saying a word and actually enjoying their company is another thing. no?

i don't know. with some friends, (sometimes) its just my preference to not have mindless and meaningless rants. thus being more comfortable in situation.

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