Monday, July 30, 2007

for those out there who never witnessed the scene of a castration or the process itself.
have i got the best news ever!
was watching HARD CANDY yesterday and the whole show was about this 14 year old teen being furious for the acts of a certain pedophile. Thus, she was determined to teach him a lesson by slicing off his balls and prevent him from repeating his disgusting routine.

ow, did it actually happened?
i wouldn't know. i freaked out. we all did.
i think it was the part when the innocent looking teen was sharpening some medical object...
i thought i could do it. i really did. but the scene would haunt me. hence my decision to stop.
but those who have balls (no pun intended), this is a show not to be missed.

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a must try.
Library opens at 8.30am sharp.
be among those who stand in line outside before 8.30am awaiting for doors to open.
the so called enthusiastic bunch
you will notice that you'd probably be the coolest looking person there.

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Saturday, July 28, 2007
i'm such a bitch

the title speaks for itself. sometimes i get so frustrated with situations i get myself into i become bitter. damn it, feel like kicking a puppy now!

on life at the moment.
well, i've been really busy with clubs and societies activities that i'm beginning to not know what my priorities are.

i bumped into Angela in Sunway Pyramid just yesterday. Thank God for such a coincidence to happen. she'll be on her way back to Melbourne tomorrow. and yeah, caught up with her along with our fellow schoolmates in ss15's Nasi Kandar including Andrew, Brian, Natalia and some others.

had drinking session with the VU gang after that till 3am.
woke up early to help out the LEO club monash's installation from 9am which ended approximately 4pm. i'm drained. i really am.

well, i'm currently riding on a guilt ride because i've been involved in activities that my church strongly discourages and as a Christian Fellowship KG leader, i'm actually not allowed to do it.
i guess i really lost my focus this past few weeks.

there's a certain extent of fluctuations one's faith can go. but the ups and downs i'm facing is borderline madness. one day i can be on fire for Him, another day i'm doubting the existence of my faith.

this sucks. i don't want my faith to be influenced by any man made hype.
i do not want to know that my passion for the word and for His name is only temporary.
i'm in the persuit of happiness in Him.
just by being in his presence. having the peace knowing of His grace and faithfulness.
actually caring about the simple things that matters most to Him.

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Monday, July 23, 2007

honest expressions...
"thank God it's friday" or " can't wait for friday"
well, looks like i'm gonna use these for this semester as it's my 'off' day.

i remember last semester the expression i used was "thank God friday's over" as it was long and dreadful. hated the lecture, lecturer and lecture hall. [maybe not so drama]

anyways, on the harry potter book controversy.

as an econs major student. i'm stuck... if you had given me this situation in an exam question and asked me to explain the cause of this mess, i would fail ... and probably hate harry potter for life.

the pre order price for the book was RM75-ish. now, that's the lowest the price that could go... since it's the cost price

hypermarkets are selling it RM69-ish while Major bookstores are selling it RM109-ish.

the excessive demand for the book causing the overly high price; i can understand
but the ridiculous discount given by hypermarkets is still a mistery.

one thing is clear. typical malaysians.
willing to wait in line early in the morning, outside bookstores trying get their hands on the harry potter book are the ones complaining about the cheaper prices offered in hypermarkets.

same situation.
those who are willing to pay RM12.90 for a frappacino in starbucks are the same people that are complaining about the increase in milo ice's price from RM1.30 to RM1.50.

typical malaysians. and how they love to ruining the ending of the book to everyone else just because another inconsiderate prick ruin it for them.

guess what, i don't care. i don't care if someone didn't die or if someone married someone else. i don't care even if i ruined it for some of you guys.

proud malaysian voicing out; now you know.

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Friday, July 20, 2007

if your enemy is about to have a showdown with you.
and he's about to fight you.

with him, he brings a baseball bat, a penknife just in case, and having his brother alongside him.
whats the thought that comes to your mind?

"ooh, my enemy is fierce and dangerous" ?
he has his reasons for having a baseball bat, he needs a penknife and his brother is there...
obviously, he's afraid of you. you're the dangerous one. you're the 'bad' one. make sense?

Bishop T D Jakes made it clear that our enemies define us. our test determines our ability to encounter it and either defeat or to be defeated.

lately, i've experienced my share of 'tests' and 'obstacles'. and the only explaination i could came up with was that God is doing something in my life.
the recent things that happened to me were just temporary and were there only to strengthen me and stretch my faith. God is waking me, shaking me and making me sharper.

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Sunday, July 15, 2007
looking forward

break is over, right about now.
only thing i can do at the moment is to look forward for the new semester.
not much i can reminisce about this not so pleasant break anyways.
had a car accident,was hospitalized for dengue, failed a subject...
life could get better. it always can.

but i'm contented.

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Sunday, July 08, 2007

I am starving.
but ever since i lost my apetite, everything has lost its taste.
i want to eat but i don't want to eat.

this is rubbish. so helpless. what did i do to deserve this.

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this break has been hell.
eversince i came back from Tawau, it's all downhill for me. never really left home because of health problems i've been experiencing.

this morning i woke up having two swollen bumps behind my ears...
my sis told me that it was mumps. i googled it and my symptoms matched it.
went to the clinic.

me:erm, would like to register.
nurse:doctor won't be here till late, what do you have?
me: mumps.
nurse:when did you have this?
me:well, i started having a severe fever on Thursday... it cooled off on Saturday but i still had a slight headache. i lost my appetite, I'm having muscle aches and this morning i found out i have to bumps behind my ears.
nurse: (looking at me with sympathy), oooh... this one... dangerous. you better go to klinik Sri Permai now.

Sri Permai was closed so my brother brought me to another clinic.

erm, good news... i don't have mumps. if not... if the virus got any more serious... both my balls would get swollen too. not to mention the rare case of brain damage and deafness.

i have 'viral infection'. can't do shit during this break. damn.

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Sunday, July 01, 2007

i miss home.
i loathe this place.
the ridiculous inflation rates, the emptiness and repetitive lifestyle, the people in general...

Question : Why am i still hopeful and why do i continue giving my all in the things i do and in the people i surround myself?

Answer : 'thats what Jesus would friggin do'.

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