Monday, November 26, 2007

a friend of mine who also serves in the cafeteria ministry in my church is working part time in a restaurant.
he's receiving really shitty pay i must say;

besides not complaining about it, he is actually contented with the fact that he can give more to the church and finally gets to treat his ministry members and probably his cell group members to a proper meal.

i think that's pretty admirable. now why isn't there a friend search site for these type of people.

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yes, i am

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Friday, November 23, 2007
Penang and Langkawi (edited)

i just came back from the MonashBusinessClub trip to Penang and Langkawi.
it was a good trip.
didn't expected too much as i went there less than a year ago.

got what i wanted out of the trip though.
this time around,
i caught up with Joanne who went Melbourne for exchange a semester ago;

i got to meet up with Nikki who happened to be in Langkawi with her friends;
i got to chill in Langkawi's most happening spot- Reggae House; again;
i got to meet a few new friends which are like the funniest people i've met in a long time;

despite the rubbish itenarary, it's all good... it's the company that counts eh.

currently experiencing the overwhelming-post trip feelings.
the laughter,
the people,
the food,
the freedom,
bah, every thing beats staying back at home. ~the nothingness~
oh well, i'm going to Singapore in less than a week. can't complain too much.

pictures! finally. hehe

Gurney Drive @ Penang

Raggae Bar @ Langkawi with Joezer, Nikki, GeHui, Hsien Yew

BBQ @ the beach

non island hopping- gang

With Doreen and Shuet Zin @ the Jetty

with Joanne =)

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Saturday, November 10, 2007
is it any wonder

Is it any wonder I'm tired
Is it any wonder that I feel uptight
Is it any wonder I don't know what's right
All these days
After all the misery made
Is it any wonder that I feel afraid
Is it any wonder that I feel betrade

[Keane's "is it any wonder" chorus]

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

it's 11pm here, i'm still in some tutorial room in university revising for my last paper.
this have been 'my space' for quite some time now.
with a personal desktop computer, projector and speaker here;
i do try to make the best out of my revision here...
entertainment available here definitely beats studying in the Library.

i've just declined my friends' invitation to have a drink with them.
it's Stephen's birthday.
usually i would feel obliged to. i call it 'give face' culture.
but this time, religious obligations prevail.
here i am, thinking about how my night life have deteriorated. but to think about it,
i have been the one who had decided not to have one despite the opportunities and temptations.

though i know i did the right thing, i just wished that it wasn't that hard to say no and feeling all bitter that i ended up in this tutorial classroom alone rather than having tons of fun with my friends and getting wasted in some happening place at the end of the day.

then again, i still have a paper to go. why the crap am i ranting about my desired night life?!
ow, i also declined another invitation to a different friend's party.

i'm officially living in a non-happening, dull, boring and dreadful world.
feels stupid living up to such high expectations when others but myself couldn't give a rat ass.

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

feels like something is missing
deprived from love.
deprived from pretentious love even.
deprived from shallow meaningless emotions. damn

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Friday, November 02, 2007
still being so still

it's my church's 2nd Arise and Build season for our building fund.
its the season to dis save or in church terms = give.
during this faith stretching period, i'm really expecting a spiritual breakthrough in my life.

but then again, the hunger for God's presence and the desire to grow in Him continually should be more than just what i expect in return for my giving.

i want to see things right.
before anything else, my giving should be focused on Building God's house and having the vision of a Revival happening in our time.

last season of Arise and Build, i dreaded, expected, then stretched and lastly received.
this season, i'm expecting once more.
because what seems impossible to me is possible for Him.

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