Sunday, December 30, 2007

THE year of my life. i think

it has past pretty quickly, but to think back and has been a pretty long year.

it started out pretty roughly as i said goodbye to a flippin awesome year in Victoria University, Sunway and had a new start in Monash University.
at the beginning, the new standards or new friends i made was really nothing to brag about. it was melancholic semester for me. in the second semester, i took less subjects and went all nuts about getting more involved in the clubs and societies stuff. i was a vice funding director for LEO Club Monash, i was in the Christian Fellowship, Business Club and Expression Club. Hence, the exposure to getting to know more people and make more friends.

I truly bonded with some of the LEO Club members through some of the activities such as painting PAWS and another orphanage, conducting various campaigns as well as events.

Christian Fellowship was a blessing to me throughout as i got to bond with some really genuine and caring brothers and sisters. we'd studied together, prayed together, ate together, went times of my campus life in Monash M'sia so far.

Besides the uni transfer, this year is significant to me because i conquered my fear of driving and made the decision to join a gym. those major breakthroughs in my life i believe.

despite having crash my new car once already, i'm more confident than i ever had and i'm not sure whether i look better now... but it sure does feel Good.

will probably post up some pics. not too sure what else to post up here.

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well, i'm back... Bangkok trip was good...not great. didnn't expect much out of the trip since the beginning.

my grandmother (mother's side) joined us. that just seemed akward to me because we never travelled together as a family and i was never close to her since i was young.

and to make matters even weirder, my brother's girl friend was invited to the trip as well. i sound like an ass (as always)... but come on, i barely know her. my parents met her once or twice and now she's included in a family trip with us together with my grandmom? i just didn't feel comfortable with the whole situation. call me selfish, but what am i expected to do?

in the end, i was not proven wrong. the family trip turn out to be a trip for the lovebirds (nothing wrong with that), just that they were in a world of their own... grandmom was neglected most of the time... i didn't want to bother with yea, that pretty much sums up my trip despite shopping craze, fantastic entertainment through out as well as the awesome food. all these means nothing when even the simplest thing like spending quality time with my family for once can't be experienced in a freakin 'family trip'.

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Thailand... such a warm and friendly country.
food is awesome, places for tourist are endless...

but before i review my 'heavenly' trip which has not even ended,

i am currently in a state of rage. for a good reason...i would say.
i'm staying in Pattaya's Century Hotel. the wi-fi internet service they charge are 100 baht (equiliavent to RM10) for an hour plus. yep, that's like 5 times more than the usual amount charged in...anywhere!

my dad wouldn't let me go out from the hotel to the nearby shops, hence the willingness to pay for that crazy price.
SO, i got the 100Baht wi-fi prepaid card. scratch off the id number and the numbers appeared and faded off as i continued scratching. the blooding card was torn! ... i can't afford to throw away RM10 on a flipping card!

i went to the cashier, tried to change for another card. She refused. her colleague refused. i'm now pissed. i won't back down. i just won't. this wasn't even my choice. i kept pushing. "FINE! I'll Wait for your Manager!" i told off the girl.
now i'm really pissed. i told off the colleague, " I paid 100B for an internet service, not a card. if the card is bad, change it! i paid for the service!" he still refused. now i feel helpless. Screw it and screw Pattaya Century Hotel's staffs. Now, i'm at the shop outside the hotel without my dad's knowledge. with the internet being charged 4 times cheaper i might add.

i can take the blame for not seeing clearly that the numbers appeared and kept scratching the card.
i could blame my dad for being stubborn and not trusting me enough...
i could blame my bro for giving me the room keys and going out to somewhere else from wherever he told me he was supposed to be...i knew it!...
or i could just write a 'self-comforting bitch mode-post' on the hotel staff; screw'em

it's been such a long day.
started out breakfast at 7am , then chilling at Pattaya's famous beach, then lunch, then some flower show/ elephant/ cultural show thingy/ then dinner then the ah gua show. now this. sigh.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

a short trip. but, boi! what a trip.
the Monash Christian Fellowship Committee had a planning retreat at STM, Seremban on the 17th to 19th DEC

it was a brand new experience for me as this was my first 'planning retreat' where the committees and advisers brain storm to come up with ideas for the theme, topics, speakers, KG structure and other activities which aligns with God's will for the CF for the whole of next semester.

it was quality time well spent with my fellow committees, advisers and especially God.

i will be juggling loads of commitments in the coming semester but i will have to set my priorities and let down some of my current responsibilities. we shall see how thing goes.

off to bangkok in 4 hours time. let the countdown begin! yeah!
cheers ppl. merry christmas!

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

i just purchased a L- sized t and a size 36 pants.
why do i sense total silence? a subtle sympathy and a whole lot of questions like "so what?" or "...and?"
i know this sounds like no biggie, but this pretty significant to me.

this is what i call a turning point in my life.
well, actually, the turning point in my life was when i said ' the only person i'm fooling is myself, off to the gym!'
and it is working out pretty well for me. slowly but surely.

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

still can't wipe off that flirtatious smile of yours from my mind...
ah;all the possibilities.


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Sunday, December 02, 2007

just came back from another trip.
this time with the VU gang to JB and Singapore for a 4 days 3 night "adventure"

ever since i came back and set foot on Malaysia's soil,
I'm feeling optimistic about my chances of NOT working in Malaysia.
despite the obvious competitive and highly pressured business environment, Singapore definitely opened my eyes to a new level of goals to achieve as well as opportunities worthy to be grabbed.

anyways, enough about money making ambitions.
on the trip;
it was okay considering this was the final trip I'm gonna have with the gang before they leave to Melbourne.
but the trip itself was messy, resulting from the lack of planning, miscommunication and our indecisiveness.

the highlight of our trip in Singapore was visiting VIVO city, S'pore river, Clarke Quay, Orchard Road, Bugis street and partying in Ministry of Sound (MOS) and getting wet and wild in "Wild wild wet theme park".

in JB, i was overwhelmed by my friends' generosity. i didn't get to take out my wallet even once in JB.
breakfast - dim sum, lunch- Bak Kut Teh, dinner- Paper wrapped herbal Chicken, bitchin' Kuey Teow T'ng for supper were all treated by my friends from JB. this is what i call a trip.

really thankful for a safe journey eventhough i'm broke.

not being able to meet up and have outings with 'The Gang" any time soon is going to be a tough one to sink in.
oh wells, have loads of other things to keep me busy. meeting up Kabir tomorrow. it has been a while;

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