Monday, March 10, 2008
Prosperity Gospel

proud believer..? definitely not.
there's more to life ... i know that.
but i'm healthy and emotionally stable.
what i need now is financial blessing, and that's what i'll pray for. isn't that how prayer works?
asked and you shall receive? give and it shall be given?

I'm from City Harvest... a church that saved more souls than any other churches i know of, yet it gets critisized the most often too.
i know we're loud, we're passionate, we're cultured, we're rich...but that's only because we worship an awesome God that deserves only our best. no?

well, i've pledged RM1,500 to the building fund 4 months ago and will be fulfilling the whole amount by this week. Guess what, i've already received back from the open gates of heaven 2 folds of what i've pledged. hah! All glory goes to God.

besides receiving a big fat red packet from my dad during the Chinese New Year, my mom just got me a semi-pro camera which i longed for since long long time ago. well, i should a have review for it soon. =)

for now, just know that Vic is extremely busy... and extremely blessed. and still Big.


On 6:31 PM, Victor let go.
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Sunday, March 02, 2008
The Mist

one of the Sickest and most messed up show i have ever watched in my life.

and boy, am i happy to say that i watched it in a cinema filled with equally-"enthusiastic and lively"crowd.
the crowd was clapping, yelling, cheering and WTF-ing out loud during the entire show; me likey!

Stephen King is an Ass for writing this story.... but damn, a genius at the same time too =P
but here's a surprising fact, for such a B-grade movie wouldn't have guessed that the director of the mist directed shawshank redemption and green mile too.
sigh, why do i appreciate messed-up-ness?!

On 12:27 AM, Victor let go.
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