Saturday, April 05, 2008
life is good

life has been good.
cell group is becoming more and more like a family.
something i had an expectation for as well as longed for ever since i came to KL.
a place where i feel loved and accepted, a place where i feel comfortable to express myself, my struggles, my passion and my thoughts.

life could be better,
it's a period for me to stretch my faith... that's never too fun.
a time where i have to re-prioritize, re-evaluate my life and the purpose of everything i do.
but hey, after every long week of settling the C&S division matters, discussing LEO club's never ending proposed activities and experiencing tears of boredom in dreadful lectures...
i find peace and rest in cell as well as Christian Fellowship for that matter.

hmm, CF this year for me is not as smooth as the past semesters.
for once i have decided to put it on top of my priorities list, the C&S division secretary position is given to me, LEO club committee meetings clashing with CF and i'm fearing i'd have another year of not being able to get to know new members. i remember i used to usher during CF and had to rush for cell before CF ends.. sort of a dejavu here because of the hectic schedule i have. hopefully it would slow down in the next few weeks.

but God is good. the responsibilities does not end here... ow... updates soon.

On 8:48 PM, Victor let go.
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