Saturday, August 23, 2008
to whom it may concern

your prayers were not wasted.
your efforts were appreciated.
your words never fail me.
your life, such a blessing to me.
your birthday, I can't seem to forget. damn it.
but yea; our friendship, I truly cherish.

thank you for everything.

On 6:52 PM, Victor let go.
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Thursday, August 21, 2008

solitude trump company today.

no reasons needed.

i'll be fine. i doubt. i hope. but i doubt. more. no reasons needed.

On 9:38 AM, Victor let go.
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They say "familiarity breeds contempt"...
well, i use this phrase all the time.
probably because of the observations i make, the justified assumptions, hence the cynicism towards those who are closeR to me.

However at times, that 'familiarity' does count for something.

Just the other day i had a conversation with my Christian Fellowship committee;

i was ranting :
ow, from now on, the posters that we've prepared can't be directly approved by me anymore. Kenny (C&S Division Publicity officer) actually minds that we (the CF) have exception for the approval of our weekly meetings. He insist on us giving him the details of the upcoming events as well as having our posters going through him first.

Rachel ( CF's publicity officer) then said " EH? How Come?! can i have his number please?"

-knowing Rachel was a girl who took no nonsense and having the guts to say whatever needed to be said-

I responded "Eh?don't lar, I just gave him a piece of my mind too... don't have to make things.."
Rachel said "? why? i just wanted to see him coz you said the posters need to go through him first, no?"

later that morning, Rachel approached me saying
" i feel sad, i feel that it's not fair to me that you have this perception of me where i could actually just call someone and slam that person".

i was left speechless, literally after hearing her tell me this.
I apologized to her and told her that i did not do it intentionally and didn't realize what i actually implied. She was nice, she ironically told me that she just had to say what was needed to be said.

i appreciate such honesty. this actually left me wondering how many person i have offended unintentionally or how many foes i have made just because of the assumptions i made on that person.

On 9:19 AM, Victor let go.
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